Oren Pfeffermann writes kid's songs and plays guitar and few other things.
Charger and I are currently tracking Oren's basic guitar and vocals. We'll likely add bass/drums to a few tunes and possibly kazoo, ukelele, clarinet and saxio to some others.
A new baby for Oren and his wife. Congrats!
We've polished up the tunes a bit. My buddy Barrett Nelson has laid down some fine nylon string additions.
Turn Around the Sun kind of southern rock, Oren on Drums, Charger on Bass and double leads new version
Uh-Oh Upbeat and fun new version w/ BN
Nicka Nicka Neigh If only geopolitics were this easy new version w/ BN
Sir Cleany Dean Can I get one of these cats new version w/ BN
Lady Ladle Talk Soup new version w/ BN